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Letter from Steve Railsback
Founder, The SR Acting Studio

After spending the last 40 years of my life as a working actor, I decided it was my turn to "give back" and share with others my knowledge of acting based on both my professional experience and what masters Lee Strasberg and Elia Kazan shared with me as my mentors and good friends since my early beginnings as a young actor in New York.


As a result of this decision, The SR Acting Studio was established in 2010 with only one goal in mind: to help the aspiring actor understand the wonderful craft that it is acting and to help actors bring a character to life.


Conceiving a program that would allow me to meet these goals was not an easy task because acting is not academic, in the sense that an actor NEVER graduates --and don't let anybody tell you otherwise. Acting is acting is acting.  Anyone can preach and parrot information over and over and call themselves an acting teacher.  However, to get to the core of talent, to tune the actor's only instrument -their body - to give life (not only a voice and a face) to a character and, ultimately, to build one's confidence in their skills is, in my opinion, what teaching acting is and should be about --for those are our founding pillars as performers and thus the core focus of my classes at The SR Acting Studio.


Way too often many young actors, after coming to Los Angeles, are easily dissuaded from continuing to pursue their dream by the absurdities injected in this business by some who claim "to know the biz." Others let distractions and fears take over and they eventually give up.


If you really want it---and believe in yourself---my entire body of experience, knowledge and commitment is at your disposal. 


The SR Acting Studio is waiting to welcome you to the wonderful and very challenging world of acting.



- Steve Railsback
 - Actor, Director and Founder
 - The SR Acting Studio




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